About Lucy Vin

Lucy Vin is a non-binary anarchist, linux engineer, and photographer.

She is a systems engineer with an eight-year background in linux administration and development. She lives in New York City where she works on projects including digital research, communication, community skill-building, and art.

Recruiters can contact her here. Recruiter emails without the following information will be ignored:

  • The specific company you are recruiting for
  • The actual job specifications (stack, job duties, salary range)
  • The employer's trans healthcare policy
Additionally, recruiting emails for companies in finance, defense, blockchain, real estate, and FAANG will be ignored on principle.

Digital Self-Reliance, a Brief Primer

“Digital Self-Reliance” is a topic that, if you’ve followed me on Twitter or had the misfortune to pick me out of a crowd at a bar, I talk about a lot. The impact that digital monoliths have on our day-to-day lives as internet users is frankly jarring. When a monolith goes down or has service disruption, as happened to google several times in 2020 alone, the internet gets sent into a frenzy.

LKML 4.19 RC4 and Code of Conduct tantrums

Yesterday, on September 16th, Linus Torvalds emailed the Linux Kernal Mailing List regarding Kernel Patch 4.19. The email starts off like any other, reviewing how the patch has progressed, going over any delays, and discussing what has been added or updated within the Kernel. Then, he addressed a change which was somewhat unusual: the removal of the Code of Criticism, and addition of a Code of Conduct. Linus wrote, regarding his personal conduct and recent behavior surrounding the Kernel Summit: