About Lucy Vin

Lucy Vin is a non-binary anarchist, linux engineer, and photographer.

She is a systems engineer with an eight-year background in linux administration and development. She lives in New York City where she works on projects including digital research, communication, community skill-building, and art.

Recruiters can contact her here. Recruiter emails without the following information will be ignored:

  • The specific company you are recruiting for
  • The actual job specifications (stack, job duties, salary range)
  • The employer's trans healthcare policy
Additionally, recruiting emails for companies in finance, defense, blockchain, real estate, and FAANG will be ignored on principle.

The Rambling Thoughts of One Nonbinary Trans Woman in 2023

I posted this to the Fediverse today and wanted to archive it here as well. I’ve been mulling over these thoughts for awhile and I think finally managed to massage them into a mostly coherent stream of thought. So I present it here without edit nor embellishment, enjoy. I’m often reminded of - and both scared and empowered by - the fact that culture, history, and politics are not stagnant.

Quick Tech Note: Sidekiq Livenes Probe

Recently, working on a migration project where a portion of the stack was built in ruby, I needed to determine a small and dependency-less way of implementing a liveness probe/health check for sidekiq. After coming across a number of posts detailing a gem I could include as a dependency, I decided to take a stab at creating something a bit simpler. For a number of reasons, I don’t love introducing new dependencies to a stack, especially when it comes to production-grade code.

Warped World (an SCP Roleplaying game) Preview

I’ve spent the past month or three working on a pet project I’d been mulling over for years. I have to admit, I am a huge fan of the SCP-wiki and all of its various tales, anomalies, and groups of interest. As a piece of collaborative emergent fiction, it’s absolutely amazing to me. I particularly find myself enamored by the numerous canons woven together, from cyberpunk dystopia, to cultic nightmare apocalypse.

Safer Better

I once got a message in my inbox that read, “one day in a safer better world, let’s go on a really awesome bike ride together.” I think about it a lot. The person who sent it isn’t someone I’m distinctly close with - at least, not beyond the limits that a social media platform imposes - but that doesn’t matter. What would it be like to go on a bike ride in a safer better world?